Closing Bell 6-17-2022

Published on: June 17, 2022 | Reading Time: 1 min | Last Modified: June 17, 2022


Market Summary

S&P 5003,674.848.07-0.22
Russel 2K1,665.6915.860.96

As predicted market ended up closing green - somewhat!. Nasdaq which had taken the worst beating yesterday went up the highest. However, after a brutal day yesterday, one should expect a very green day - that was not the case. DJI essentially closed flat while S&P marginally up. I follow VLO which had a nice run and dropped a bit in the past few weeks.

Crypto currency is certainly experiencing crypto winter. ETH, BTC is down 50 percent or above from their all time highs. The Cryptos I follow are the following -

  • ETH
  • Doge

I am hopeful ETH will have nice bounce back around September of this year.

Predictions : I think Tuesday 6/21/2022 (6/20/2022 market closed) will be a very green day. With Nasdaq up at least 2 percent.

News : Possibility of Ukraine joining Nato.

Strategy : Look for short term gains; hold on to the long term securities. Same as before, add crypto into the mix for long term holdings.

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